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Original FXDR Bike

The first Harcati bike began as a 2019 Harley Davidson FXDR which Joey customized into what became known as the “Tron Bike.” Utilizing …


Harcati Tron Bike
Original Harcati “Tron Bike” Build


  • Custom 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR Build

Engine Build

  • 160tq and 140hp
  • S&S 128ci (2100cc) Top to Bottom
  • 550 cam
  • Warsaw Large Valve Heads (Ported and Matched)
  • V&N Big Radius 2-2 Pipes
  • 11.5-1 Compression
  • S&S Roller Rockers Arms
  • 64mm Throttlebody
  • 7.1 Injectors
  • SE Heavy Breather Air Cleaner
  • Thundermax ECM Turner
  • Man-of-War Modified Compensator
  • Trask Basket
  • Reclusive Clutch
  • AIM Variable Clutch Pressure Plate
  • 25/51 Sprocket Gear 530 Overdrive
  • Hayden Tensioner

Frame/Other Build

  • NLC Swing Arm Mod
  • NLC Rims
  • Corbin Custom Seat
  • Chrome Glow LED Turn Lighting
  • Dominion Pegs and Grips
  • Vince Drop Mirrors
  • Thunderbike Clip on Drop Bars and Chin Fin
  • Lava Orange Stripe and Pattern

Build Your Own!

Like what you see? Want to make some changes and create and own your own dream Harcati? Visit our Customization page and build your own Harcati.